Multiple Choice Phils., Inc.

MULTIPLE CHOICE PHILS. INC. is the exclusive distributor of “multiple CHOICE” by Topchoice for tableware and
THOMSON POTTERY for stoneware dinner sets in the Philippines.

With a dynamic catalogue ranging from trendy and chic porcelain collections, to subtle yet timeless stoneware creations, MULTIPLE CHOICE PHILS. seeks to give a variety of CHOICES to their customers and help them find the perfect match for their homes and dining tables.

Since its inception, the company has been present in all Rustans Department Stores and select SM Homeworld branches. Shortly thereafter, this presence has expanded to Landmark Department Stores and some branches of Dimensione as well.

Multiple Choice Phils. is now the most aggressive global partner of Topchoice Group Holdings based in Hongkong.

Topchoice Group Holdings Limited

Topchoice Industries Limited began its first operations in 1990 as an ordinary trading firm with expertise in ceramic tableware manufacturing business. The company gradually turned into a marketing-oriented firm in 1996 focusing its strength in creative design and tableware innovation. Big investment in shaping its own creative house – Keith Design Group – was established to cope up with the current market trend and to arrive at original packaging designs with added value to the product line.

Company’s Strengths:

  • Marketing-oriented
  • Creative design and tableware innovation
  • Unique Packaging
  • Good quality with impeccable style
  • Continuous product development

In this high regard, Topchoice won the Hong Kong Awards for Industry 2000 with HKTDC’s Excellence in Export Marketing.

Our Brands

Beginning after years of observation during trade shows, followed by an extensive study on what customers really need, the multiple CHOICE brand by Topchoice was created in 1997. Having the unparalleled ability to continuously adapt their dinnerware designs to follow new and ongoing modern trends, combined with its status as a high value tableware brand, multiple CHOICE has developed a strong position in the highly competitive markets of Europe and Asia.

All products are microwave and dishwasher safe  unless otherwise stated and comply with the standards of the Philippine Food and Drug administration.

The new brain child of Topchoice and a sequel of Multiple Choice brand, “My Choice Too” or simply MC2, has been making waves since its first launch in Ambiente 2009.  Being the crème de la crème of the new Topchoice website, MC2 is now ready to spread its wings and take off in full glide. Equipped with new, recently developed products like ceramic speakers (for iPhones), and quirky porcelain figurines with embedded clocks, MC2 is the new talk of the town and is sure to stay for a while.

In 2008, the Company broadened its horizons and launched L’Hotelier exclusively Multiple Choice by Topchoice. The company’s premier hotelware line, this creamy white intensified porcelain ensemble comes in innovative shapes and designs tailored to the needs of the hotel, restaurant and catering industry. The collection offers intensified porcelain pieces well-suited for all ambiances, whether it be on the casual tables of hearty family-style coffee shops and restaurants or on the white tablecloths of world-class fine dining restaurants.

All products are microwave and dishwasher safe and comply with the standards of the Philippine Food and Drug administration.

The “Thomson Pottery” brand offers stoneware pieces, with its main catalogue consisting of casual dinnerware.  In line with the brand’s commitment to simple but unique, practical and quality products, THOMSON  has elevated its humble stoneware with modern textures and designs, such as white stoneware, embossed stoneware, and color glazed stoneware. This makes the products of THOMSON Pottery suitable not only for home use, but likewise for the dining tables of hotels and restaurants.

Finished with superior quality, all products are suitable for microwave and dishwasher use. All our products meet with the standards set by the US Food and Drugs Adminstration (FDA) on lead & Cadmium releases, our products also qualified for standards set in other countries as well.